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Hudock Employment Law Group provides employment litigation and counseling services to growth-minded companies in California, helping them protect their reputations and attract top talent.

Led by Robert Hudock, a seasoned employment litigator, Rob understands the entrepreneurial mindset, having founded and led his own firm. He is equally adept working with business owners, CEOs, and general counsel. He plans for the long game with all his clients, focusing on their trajectories, reputations, and how to help them scale their workforce, not just resolve the immediate case. As an experienced triathlete, he has the discipline, determination, focus, and leadership to successfully help clients achieve their objectives and keep their businesses moving forward.

Rob understands that attracting and retaining game-changing talent is one of the key factors to helping companies grow smarter and faster. Companies suffer when key employees or teams leave, or when potentially damaging litigation involving employees goes public. One international recruiting firm predicts that the labor skills shortage in the tech sector could reach as high as 4.3 million workers in 2030. By successfully managing litigation threats, Hudock Employment Law Group protects a company’s good name, which gives them an edge in hiring in highly competitive markets.

Rob is drawn to the human element of his client relationships. “I work to spare my clients the pain of litigation. It’s my responsibility to absorb and protect them from it.” That discipline, combined with highly effective preparation, analysis, and case strategy, means that Rob’s clients can focus on their businesses, confident that their matters are on the right track.

Mr. Hudock has achieved favorable results for employers in a wide range of industries, from local companies to multinational Fortune 100 corporations, including:

The firm has achieved successful results for clients in the following areas:

Wage & Hour — counseling and litigation regarding timekeeping, meal and rest breaks, overtime, minimum wage and overtime pay, vacation and sick time, compliance with specific municipal ordinances, Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) claims, and defense of individual and class action wage and hour claims

Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation – internal complaints and workplace investigations, and defense of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims and lawsuits before administrative agencies such as the DFEH and EEOC, and is  state and federal courts

Wrongful Termination – negotiate pre-litigation settlements of potential claims as appropriate, and litigate wrongful termination lawsuits, including case analysis, preparation, depositions, and jury and court trials.

Employee Leave – advice and counsel -for protected leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), and the state  California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

 Workplace Management – audits, compliance counseling, advice and training on anti-discrimination and anti-bias best practices, workplace agreements, leave and disability advice and policies, and employee handbooks

Employment Agreements – terms and conditions of employment, compensation agreements, arbitration agreements, performance improvement plans, severance agreements, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, independent contractor agreements, and, where allowed, noncompete agreements

Mr. Hudock has achieved favorable results for employers in a wide range of industries, from local companies to multinational Fortune 100 corporations, including:

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Robert Hudock was referred as counsel for a substantial lawsuit an employee brought against us. We worked with Rob and another attorney at Hudock Employment Law Group. They were both very knowledgeable and professional and most importantly got the job done. Last night, after putting in a 13 hour day, the case was settled in mediation at 10:30 pm and a large part of the kudos go to Robert Hudock.

Healthcare Client

If you find yourself in the State of California with an employment law dilemma, there is no better person to represent you in my mind than attorney Rob Hudock. He is a true pro, a veteran employment defense attorney who is righteously indignant about what happens to some California employers. You need not only an experienced employment defense attorney, but someone who cares, who is a professional, who knows the law, and will fight tirelessly on your behalf.

Michael Levine

PR Pro, Business owner and best-selling author

I really enjoyed working with Rob as an expert witness on the litigation between a Business Broker and a Business Seller. He hit every pertinent item to show that the Brokerage Firm was negligent in their handling of the negotiations between their client the business owner and the criminal prospective buyer. The buyer had no grounds to have even filed a lawsuit, in my opinion. Fortunately, the business owner hired Rob.  I very much look forward to working with Rob in the future. He is a very sharp, experienced litigator.

Willard Michlin

Michlin and Associates

It was apparent from the beginning that Rob had a unique combination of skills and attributes that we needed for a favorable outcome. He clearly stands out as a great choice for any business owner who wants quality and value for their legal budget.

Eric Wolf

Bell Canyon Board of Directors President, Finance Professional, Entrepreneur

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob on several litigation matters, he is a masterful problem-solver. Put simply, Rob is the attorney I want on my team.

Mike Minguet

Employment Law Defense Attorney, St. John Wallace Brennan & Folan LLP

Rob is an extremely bright and talented attorney. Ethically, he is off the charts. A good man who wants to do well by his clients.

Attorney Peer Reviewer


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