Employment agreements

employment agreements expertly

We negotiate and prepare a broad range of agreements, including executive employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, performance improvement plans, severance agreements, arbitration agreements, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, and, where allowed, noncompete agreements.

We are current on the most favorable agreement terms allowed by law, and we help clients maintain relevant, purposeful, and tailored agreements, policies, and procedures.


Invalidating a Noncompete Agreement

A direct competitor to an IT reseller client sought to invalidate the reseller’s noncompete agreements with its employees, so it could steal the client’s best salespeople.

Rather than accepting the competitor’s framing of the issues and engage in expensive litigation, Mr. Hudock identified the flaws in the competitor’s theories and a strategy for an early motion to dismiss to show the competitor had no standing to sue because:

  • the competitor was not a party to or beneficiary of the client’s noncompete agreements,
  • the client had not initiated or threatened litigation, and
  • no former client employee was employed by the competitor.

Based on Mr. Hudock’s arguments, the court dismissed the competitor’s noncompete claims, and the competitor’s tactic failed.

“It was apparent from the beginning that Rob had a unique combination of skills and attributes that we needed for a favorable outcome. He clearly stands out as a great choice.”

–Eric Wolf, President, Bell Canyon Board of Directors and Entrepreneur