Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation

harassment discrimination

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims distract employees, can cause tension and low morale among them, and ultimately harm productivity. In some instances, they can affect the company’s reputation.

We  help clients minimize these negative effects on the workplace by guiding them through the process of handling of claims by current employees, including initial response, investigation, and employee communications, and defending against claims made by former employees. We  partner with our  clients to define the objective, which can range from reaching an expeditious resolution to eliminate the distraction, or providing the strongest, most vigorous defense. The firm defends these claims and lawsuits before administrative agencies such as the EEOC and DFEH, and in state and federal courts.


Back-to-Back Wins in Disability Discrimination Cases

Two former employees of an international labor organization filed EEOC complaints alleging disability discrimination. Before Mr. Hudock entered the case, the EEOC found reasonable cause to believe the organization discriminated against the former employees, who then filed separate lawsuits in federal court.

Mr. Hudock took over the defense and neutralized the EEOC findings by finding case law holding that although the employees could use the EEOC determinations to prove discrimination in their court cases, under specific circumstances, courts are not required to accept them in deciding the summary judgment motions Mr. Hudock filed in both cases.

In each case, in front two different judges, Mr. Hudock convinced the court to disregard the EEOC reasonable cause determinations, turn 180 degrees, and grant summary judgment in favor of the organization. Mr. Hudock then obtained court orders requiring the employees to pay his client thousands of dollars in litigation costs.

“I engaged Rob Hudock as legal counsel to defend my company in an employment law case. Rob took the time to hear my concerns and work with me to solve the case with the best possible outcome. He gave me fair, honest advice and, above all, he listened. I needed someone with integrity and real concern for my company and wellbeing. I highly recommend him for your company’s legal defense needs.”

–Phil Brock, President & CEO, Studio Talent Group, and Santa Monica City Council Member