Wage and Hour

wage and hour claims

Wage and hour laws continue to be the most draconian and arcane employment laws, and generate the most employment-related claims, by far. We  assist clients with solutions on both the front and back ends. On the front end, we help clients understand and stay current with the changing, overlapping, and exacting laws, and we develop tailored policies, procedures, and practices specifically designed to minimize the risk of claims, and provide defenses to claims that arise.

Hudock Employment Law Group is adept and experienced with all wage and hour issues, including timekeeping, payroll, meal and rest breaks, overtime, minimum wage, vacation and sick time, municipal ordinances, and Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) claims. When claims arise, the firm uses approaches and strategies developed over decades of practice in the area to defend or favorably resolve individual and class action wage and hour claims.


Defense Verdicts, and Damage Awards and Litigation Costs Secured for Apartment Management Companies

Mr. Hudock represented owners of multiple apartment complexes throughout Southern California in a high-risk lawsuit brought by two former apartment managers. The employees claimed wage and hour violations, breach of contract, wrongful termination, and fraud. Multiple attorneys told the client the case was indefensible.

Through diligent, strategic investigation, Mr. Hudock identified defenses, and grounds for a cross-complaint against the employees, which dramatically shifted the tone and narrative of the case in his clients’ favor.

During trial testimony, Mr. Hudock severely impeached the plaintiffs and their claims. When the plaintiffs closed their case, and before the defendants presented theirs, Mr. Hudock obtained directed verdicts from the court for his clients on multiple claims, including wrongful termination and breach of contract. These claims did not go to the jury, and the employers did not even need to argue them in their case. 

Ultimately, Mr. Hudock obtained defense verdicts on all plaintiffs’ claims against his clients. In addition, he secured a verdict for his clients on their cross-complaint, which included awards of compensatory and punitive damages to his client, as well as recovering more than $50,000 in trial costs from the plaintiffs.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob on several litigation matters. He is a masterful problem-solver. Put simply, Rob is the attorney I want on my team.”

–Mike Minguet, Employment Law Defense Attorney, Korey Richardson LLP